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Watermelon growing project in community gardens bears fruit for the San

Watermelon growing project in community gardens bears fruit for the San

The San community in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy has become increasingly reliant on farming and the recent rains ensured that the ‘home gardening’ project has seen the watermelon growing project bear fruit in the community gardens in the conservancy area.

The conservancy, along with the Nyae-Nyae Development Fund Namibia and its donors has worked on this project to develop gardens for nearly 10 years and the fruits of these efforts are now clear to see.

Not only do the gardens provide much-needed food, but the project also allows the San to more self-sufficient and teaches them about small scale farming.

Lara Diez, speaking on behalf of the Nyae-Nyae Development Foundation said that this new development proves essential, as drought and climatic changes impact the traditional livelihoods of the San community.

“Combining these new livelihood projects with their traditional veld food harvesting such as Devils Claw offers the San a viable future where wildlife, livestock co-exist and agriculture alongside bush foods,” Diez said.

Caption: The gardening project has come to fruition in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy.


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