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Social Security commits to excellent service

Rino Muranda, Manager: Communication and Marketing at the Social Security Commission.

Rino Muranda, Manager: Communication and Marketing at the Social Security Commission.

The Social Security Commission (“SSC”) has launched its Customer Service Charter which defines the service levels that customers must expect from them.
Rino Muranda, Manager: Communication and Marketing stated that “It is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to provide value added service and ensure maximum utilization of the benefits we offer.” He added that the charter would be reviewed on a regular basis to keep in touch with changing needs of the customers and the organization’s ability to meet these expectations with the available resources and to allow for improvement. He explained that the commitment made by SSC includes for example the following:
To assist our customers within 15 minutes of their arrival at any service point.
To issue Good Standing Certificates within 2 working days.
To acknowledge and respond to written communication within 7 working days.

To answer telephone calls within three rings and identify the organization, staff member’s name and work area.
To ensure that our written communication is clear and includes contact details.
To keep our customers updated on new and improved procedures, services and benefits.
To treat all customers fairly, with integrity and fairness.
To transfer calls to next available staff when not in office.
To receive visitors to our offices (those coming for meetings/appointments) promptly.
To provide service to customers with sensory impairments via their chosen medium e.g. braille or sign language.
SSC’s Customer Service Charter also gives guaranteed time frames for payment of benefits and pledges that maternity leave payments would be made within 7 days, sick leave within 10 days, and death benefit within 33 days. “We would like to be with our people all the way. After all – we are a provider of compensative, preventative and integrative social security and as such look after the well-being of fellow Namibians”. If people are not happy with our service delivery, they are urged to contact the nearest SSC office or the Corporate Communication and Marketing Unit at [email protected].

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