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Hino trucks take chickens to all corners

Hino South Africa announced earlier this month that Namib Mills has acquired an additional 18 Series 300 Hino trucks for distribution of its subsidiary, Namib Poultry’s chicken product, to ensure compliance with one of the main preconditions for Infant Industry Protection – the ability to cover the entire country.
Namib Mills is the largest local grain processing company.
Namib Mills is well-known for its large range of flour and pasta products for local consumers. Another subsidiary, Feedmaster, supplies the need for animals feeds by the farming community. It operates 29 Hino trucks in its existing fleet.
The main mill is located in Windhoek and there are other mills in Otavi and Katima Mulilo.
The latest order of six Hino 300-Series 915 models and twelve 614 models is specifically for use by Namib Mills’ subsidiary, Namib Poultry Industries, for the distribution of chicken from the poultry farm outside Windhoek to customers all over Namibia.

The chassis cabs are fitted with Serco freezer bodies which were built to order in Cape Town and are fitted with Thermoking refrigeration units.
Namib Mills has been a customer of Hino Pupkewitz in Windhoek for several years and previously bought three Hino 814 trucks from this long-established Hino dealer.
Hino Pupkewitz sales executive Heinz Koll, said the decision by Namib Mills to order the additional Hino trucks is based on the brand’s statement of quality, durability and reliability, which are the same values Namib Mills aligns itself to as a company adding that the decision to place the order with Hino Pupkewitz was taken because of the dealership’s track record in maintaining its vehicles throughout their life cycle.

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