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Month: August 2012

From midwinter to high summer in one week

For two winters in a row, snow fell in the southern parts of Namibia but the occurrence showed a significant seasonal variance. Last year the snow came in May, this year in the second half of August. In both years, the snow...

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Sandpiper Phosphate resource upgraded

The joint developers of the controversial multi-billion dollar Sandpiper Marine Phosphate project located 60 km offshore Namibia have announced an estimated initial reserve of 133 million tonnes at 20.41% phosphate to support...

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Electricity a national security risk

Diverse Energy, a London based energy company specialising in fuel cell technology says importing electricity is a serious national security risk which can be avoided by combining main grid power generation with micro grid...

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Katali eases nationalisation concerns

The Minister of Mines and Energy has eased the nationalisation concerns of international investors attending a mining conference in Australia.On Wednesday, Minister Isak Katali told international investors gathered for the...

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Forensic fingerprint experts talk

The Namibian Police Force played host to the first working group meeting for regional fingerprint experts from the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Co-operation Organisation (SARPCCO).  The three day meeting which is...

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