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Innovative waste agreement signed

(From left to right): Gys Louw, owner of Rent-A-Drum, Jukka Blom, CEO of Molok and Tjama Tjivikua, rector of The Polytechnic of Namibia at the signing of the agreement between Molok and Rent-A-Drum. (Photograph by Lorato Khobetsi)Rent-A-Drum has partnered with Molok, a Finnish waste-management company, to manufacture and install the Molok Deep Collection system in Namibia. This Finnish-Namibian partnership will utilise innovation support from the Namibia Business Innovation Centre (NBIC) at the Polytechnic of Namibia.
The Molok system is said to be more hygienic, odourless and more economical.
Only about 40% of the Molok system is above ground; the other 60% is underground.
“The introduction of this new Molok deep collection system totally aligns with Rent-A-Drum’s strategy and vision of continuous improvement to develop a cost effective and environment friendly waste management and recycling culture in Namibia” said Gys Louw, owner of Rent-A-Drum.
Compared to the traditional horizontal waste collection system, Molok’s vertical design means that only
40% of the container is visible, the remaining 60% is installed to a depth of 1.5. The gravity forces the waste to compact itself.
Anne Saloranta, Chargè d’ Affaires at the Embassy of Finland said that she is pleased that the partnership is in an area that has such broad benefits to the Namibian society.
“Growing waste volume is one of the major challenges that our societies face and it is an increasing burden on the environment and a contributing factor to climate change. This partnership will bring cutting edge technology to Namibia and contribute considerably to the process of dealing with the waste problem in an innovate way,” she said.
The first Molok deep collection systems pilot in the country started in December last year in the  Ondangwa and Onandjokwe areas.
According to Jukka Blom, CEO of Molok, the system is tidy and hygienic because all the old waste is being covered at the bottom by the latest waste, the coolness of the ground keeps the bacterial development slow and keeps the waste odourless. The filling lid is light and easy to use.
“Integrated support catch for the lid allows to use both hands for recycling and prevents unnecessary opening of the lid, emptying interval can be adjusted and emptying traffic decreases,” he said.

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