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Do you know who I am?

I have been asked this question too frequently these couple of months for my liking. In fact how  does a person respond to such a question? I hate it when people praise themselves or think other people should know who they are.
Get a life, you should not be asking this type of question, this is so uncalled for, so very irritating. I have much better people to know about or, knowledge to gain.
Yes madame I know you, you are the person that steals from the poor and lives a rich lavish life taking food out of the mouth of babies and putting it in to your fat belly.
Yes sir I know you, you are the one that goes in to Adrian & Meyer and buys a ring that costs thousands from money that you have not earned. Yes I know you.
I know you not from the goodness that you have shown to your fellow human beings, not because you are kind, caring and loving to you fellow Namibians. Yes I know you.
Yes I know you for all the wrong reasons, You are even proud to ask me, ‘Do you know me?’. Because you have designer clothes, shoes, Brazilians, driving the latest car, hanging with the latest crowd and going on holiday to the most exotic places, at who’s expense? Yes I know you.
Let me ask you this question, do you know, the pensioner who got evicted out of her house? Do you know the girl who is the head of her household? Do you know the young men that walks all the way from Havana to Klein Windhoek, to go look for work? Do you know meme kapana? Do you? But we know you.

Is this this the result you wanted when you fought for the land of the brave? To enrich yourself? How long do you think it will last? Why, why are you so greedy? But I still know you?
Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupine a novelist better known as George Sand wrote,“Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness.
 Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness.”
No one has ever become poor by giving and it is about time Namibians learn this, rather than taking and taking what is not even yours to take.
Do not worry we will get economic freedom, by working hard and making our own money. You say most of the youth, are just drunkards and we do not care about our future, watch and see, I have faith in my generation.
So yes we do know you and you better start to get to know us too, because we are here to stay, and we are going to get justice at the end. When the tables turn, who are you going to ask, Do you know me? And when you do ask, I will respond with kindness and love and give you a helping had in which ever way I can. So therefore stop asking if we know you, but rather set a good example in your communities and start asking your fellow Namibians, how can I know you better.

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