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Two storeys of outrageous outdoors life

Agra’s well-known outdoors outlet, Safari Den was literally elevated to another level with the opening of the new shop this week Wednesday. Formerly tucked into a corner of the Auas Valley shopping complex next to Agra’s main branch, the new Safari Den now occupies two storeys of inspiring retail space for dedicated campers and other outdoors cranks. Safari Den forms part of Agra’s Arms, Ammunition and Outdoor division, which was established in April last year and now includes the Rosenthal Group. The division is lead by Jurgen Cronjé. Celebrating with Agra’s CEO, Peter Kazmaier (centre) are Charles Jankelow of Pan African Shopfitting, Adina Bregman of Energy House Designs, and on the right, Victoria Forbes and Thomas Bokemüller of Mindbox. See article on page 4. (Photograph by Albe Snyman)

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