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Young adults motivate me

If you ask most of the elders in Namibia what they think about the younger generation of this country, they will mostly tell you: They are lazy, they want everything handed to them, they are drunkards etc,etc. But from the interactions I have had with my own generation and with the younger generation over the past two years, I have learned that there is a totally different side to them.
I have met a number of very motivated, hardworking and dedicated young Namibian adults who are making a difference in their lives and the lives of the people around them. These are young adults who started from nothing and are building their empires, not through corruption or from being a tenderpreneur, but only by their own wit, diligence and determination. And my heart smiles when I see this generation proving all those wrong who underestimated them. And then after they have made to the top,  they go on and start helping their communities and fellow young adults, who just need a little shove and a supporting hand to start doing their own thing and conquering the world. I have met them in their offices, in board meetings, on the streets, in a club or even in a sheeben. It is not really relevant where I have met them but they all are determined to succeed in life. And of course a helping hand will be good, but they have had numerous doors shut in their faces but that has not stopped them from following and pursuing their dreams and destiny.

Therefore besides my Mother, most of the people who inspire me in Namibia are young adults. And as much as many of our elders say we are a disappointment, slowly but surely we are proving or going to prove them wrong. Which is not the case for them, although they fought and liberated this country. Today, often they are disappointing to us. For this country to live up to its full potential the elders need to involve the younger generation and not only the ones that always agree with them. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and this motivates me to step up my game too, and not to settle for the average and the mediocre but to push myself out of my comfort zone and work hard to achieve my dreams. I see it on social media how, when someone says that this life is hard and that he/she is being put down or that they feel like giving up, his/her peers will post motivating messages on their wall to encourage that person not to give up.  I see this beautiful comradeship because we are all going through our own struggles but other young people know a motivating or encouraging word will help that person to strive to keep on working hard, to be the best person that they can be.  Therefore this message is to all the young adults who are on the way up, already there or still trying to get there, to never give up no matter how many hurdles you face and to just do the best you can, every day. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

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