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Lion sightings in Kavango East prompt community caution – Environment Ministry

Lion sightings in Kavango East prompt community caution – Environment Ministry

The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism (MEFT) on Thursday confirmed the presence of three lions in the Mukwe constituency, situated within the Kavango East Region.

According to MEFT spokesperson Romeo Muyunda, initial sightings placed the lions in the vicinity of Mayara, Katenture, and Shamangorwa villages.

However, more recent tracking efforts have indicated a potential split in the group, with tracks of a male and female lion spotted in Mbwata Village, Ndiyona Constituency, he said.

Muyunda said communities residing near these areas are urged to exercise vigilance, particularly livestock owners who are advised to secure their animals within kraals during the night.

“The Lions are suspected to have come from the Bwabwata National Park. We also suspect that they are headed to Khaudum National Park, residents around the Khaudum National Park are equally requested to be vigilant. Since they were reported on Monday, they have caught and killed a calf at Tjova village and a goat at Katenture village. These cases will be dealt with by the policy for human-wildlife conflict management,” he said.

Muyunda meanwhile said continuous monitoring of the lions’ movements is underway, with the ministry committed to providing regular updates to the affected communities.

“We appeal once more to the communities and farmers alike that when seen near your settlement, the lions should be reported to the officials who are already in the area or call chief warden Selma Angolo on 081 143 19 88. If the lions are passing by and do not in any way pose a threat to you and your property, let’s avoid provoking them or taking the law in our hands,” he concluded.


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