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Penda Naanda sets tone for Angola-Namibia Bi-National Commission meeting

Penda Naanda sets tone for Angola-Namibia Bi-National Commission meeting

The Executive Director of the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, Ambassador Penda Naanda,  on Friday, commenced proceedings with warm acknowledgments and a call for continued collaboration between Angola and Namibia, during the inauguration of the Senior Officials Meeting of the Bi-National Commission

Addressing esteemed delegates, including Ambassador Domingos Vieira Lopes, Secretary of State for International Cooperation of Angola, and Ambassador Patrick Nandago of Namibia, Naanda in a statement expressed gratitude for the hospitality extended by Angola.

Reflecting on the unprecedented circumstances that disrupted prior meetings, Naanda underscored the significance of reconvening to strengthen bilateral ties.

Highlighting the progress in Angola’s completion of the Cassinga Memorial Shrine, Naanda emphasized the symbolic importance of honoring shared histories and heroes. He affirmed the commitment to bolstering existing relations and cooperation channels between Angola and Namibia, emphasizing mutual benefits for both nations.

Recognizing recent high-level engagements, including visits by Angolan and Namibian officials, Naanda stressed the historical solidarity between the two nations, forged during the liberation struggle against colonialism and apartheid. He cited instances of collaborative efforts, such as joint visits and the Joint Legal Audit, as pivotal in solidifying bilateral cooperation.

Naanda urged expedited negotiations to finalize pending agreements and enhance socio-economic cooperation for the mutual benefit of citizens. He emphasized the importance of substantive discussions during the Senior Officials Meeting to lay the groundwork for meaningful outcomes.

In conclusion, Naanda reiterated the collective responsibility of senior officials to drive impactful change and urged collaborative efforts in addressing global challenges.

He expressed confidence in the constructive atmosphere of the meeting and anticipated fruitful deliberations to pave the way for actionable recommendations at the Ministerial Session.

As the meeting unfolds over the next three days, stakeholders anticipate substantive dialogue aimed at deepening cooperation and fostering tangible outcomes for the benefit of both nations.

The high-level Namibian delegation is led by Ambassador Penda Naanda, the Executive Director of the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation (MIRCO), executive directors of MAWLR, MICT, MOHSS, MURD, Head of NAMPOL & NCS, as well as our Ambassador to Angola.


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