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NamiGreen recycles 135,220 kg of e-waste in 2020

NamiGreen recycles 135,220 kg of e-waste in 2020

Local recycling joint-venture NamiGreen, has seen an increased interest in recycling electronic waste, recycling about 135,220 kg of e-waste in 2020, 26% more than 28, 226 kg recorded in 2019.

The recycled e-waste in 2020 can be equated to 13,500 desktop computers not ending up in landfills.

The CEO of NamiGreen, Per Hansen said an increased awareness on recycling throughout Namibia, great service, availability, and professional handling of e-waste is attractive for our clients.

“Many citizens and organizations, private of public, literally has garages, rooms, hallways and even containers filled with old electronics, computers, and IT-equipment that they no longer use. Essentially the equipment is just taking up valuable floor space that could be used for better purposes,” Hansen added.

NamiGreen offers free e-waste collection service in Windhoek and Walvis Bay. Before e-waste recycling operations started in Namibia, the practice was to chuck out old electronic gadgets and devices in the bin, which essentially means landfilling the devices.

The problem is, however, that majority of all electronic gadgets and devices contain hazardous materials that can cause harm to the Namibian ecosystem we have around us, to our human and animal health as well as pollute our drinking and fishing waters if the electronics are not recycled properly.

Despite 2020 being the best year in the history of e-waste recycling in Namibia, 2021 is forecasted to have a more relaxed growth.

According to the United Nations, 80% of all e-waste generated annually on global scale, is not recycled. The continent with the highest recycling rate is Europe, recycling 35 % of all its e-waste, Asia comes in 2nd with 22%, Americas 17 % and Oceania with 6%. Africa recycles around 0.5 %.

Hansen, further explained an increased awareness in the Namibian society, increased governmental focus and the work of organizations like Recycle Namibia Forum all help put a focus on the e-waste problems.

NamiGreen E-waste is a joint-venture between local logistics company Transworld Cargo and Danish PeHansen, founded in 2018. The venture has roots dating back to 2013 when the initiative was started by Transworld Cargo under the name Transworld Cargo E-waste.

E-waste printers at NamiGreen. One of the larger waste streams at NamiGreen E-waste – old and broken printers waiting to be recycled. (NamiGreen)


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