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City of Windhoek clarifies implementation of borehole water usage restrictions for industries

City of Windhoek clarifies implementation of borehole water usage restrictions for industries

The City of Windhoek has restricted industries’ use of borehole water to 20% due to concerns over water security and sustainability.

In a clarification statement last week on Friday, the authority said the decision to restrict borehole water usage stems from the lessons learned during the severe drought of 2015/2016, which prompted the authority to allow industries to drill boreholes for supplementary water.

According to the authority, subsequently, an assessment of groundwater potential in the Windhoek northern areas led to the establishment of a groundwater quota permitting system for the Windhoek northern aquifer by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform.

“Both the northern and southern aquifers are managed through permits issued by the ministry and are primarily used to supplement supplies during emergencies. In periods of sufficient supply, the city relies exclusively on NamWater and reclaimed water, utilizing aquifers solely for the maintenance of borehole infrastructure,” they added.

However, despite the implementation of a quota system, some industries have failed to adhere to operational protocols, relying exclusively on borehole water and impacting the city’s revenue.

“While this has affected revenue, we continue to engage with industries in constructive dialogue to ensure they recover their infrastructure investment while also contributing to the city’s development through regulated self-supply,” explained the authority.

Amid ongoing water challenges, the authority reaffirmed its commitment, alongside key stakeholders, to implement measures to mitigate potential issues and ensure continued service provision to residents and businesses in Windhoek.


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