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PstBet NFA Cup 2024 resumes after four years

PstBet NFA Cup 2024 resumes after four years

By Adolf Kaure.

The Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth and National Services Hon Emma Kantema-Gaomas said that the launch of the 2024 PstBet (Premier Sports Trading Betting) NFA Cup carries a symbol of resilience for Namibian sport when the competition was launched on Thursday in Windhoek.

According to Kantema-Gaomas, the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service is dedicated to fostering an environment where sports and community development converge.

“This event is not just a tournament. It is a testament to the NFA’s commitment to the game and a reflection of the robust support from our incredible partner, PstBet.”

“Events like the PstBet NFA Cup are crucial to our mission. They provide a platform for talent discovery and development, they inspire unity and national pride, and they contribute significantly to the social and economic fabric of our nation.” “The Ministry sees sports as a conduit for promoting health, education, and leadership among our youth, and to galvanize the community towards shared goals and aspirations. We commend the NFA for successfully securing a partnership with PstBet,” she said.

PstBET have pledged an amount of N$6 million annually as sponsorship for the competition.

Kantema-Gaomas further highlighted how PstBet’s sponsorship is aligned with the Ministry’s vision for sports in the country. “This collaboration is a true embodiment of the potential that lies within Namibian football and the broader sports fraternity.”

“This sponsorship, which we hope will be long-term, is a beacon of progress and a testament to the strength of partnership in advancing our beloved sport of football.” “Let us remember that the value of sports extends beyond the field. It is about building community, fostering national identity, and creating opportunities for excellence. As we move forward, let the spirit of fair play, competition and unity guide us,” said Kantema-Gaomas.

The PstBet Chief Executive, Steve Hamunyela expressed his excitement for the return of the competition. “We are delighted to note that the tournament has already successfully progressed to round 32, with notable and interesting surprises making it into this round.”

“We cannot wait to kick off this round because it will be action-packed and exciting. PstBet is committed to make this year’s tournament a success, and we thank the NFA leadership and staff for allowing us to partner with you,” he said.

He urged all the teams and officials to remain disciplined so that football fans can get the best Namibian football which they deserve.

The General Secretary of the Namibia Football Federation (NFA), Tcharles Siyauya, said “We are grateful to PSTBet for their generous sponsorship that returned the long awaited NFA Cup to its rightful place on the football pitch.” “Your commitment to fostering the growth of football in Namibia and supporting our vision of inclusivity and diversity is truly commendable.”

“The PstBet NFA Cup represents not just a competition but a consequential exhibition of talent, unity and the spirit of fair play that defines our beautiful game,” said Siyauya.

This year’s edition will also include a women’s competition.

The last time the NFA Cup was held was in 2020. This saw Civics emerge as champions when they defeated Mighty Gunners 3-2 in the final.

An historic moment: Civics lift the 2020 NFA Cup after defeating Mighty Gunners in Swakopmund. (Photograph by Adolf Kaure)


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