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Former Brave Gladiators Petrus off to Germany

Former Brave Gladiators Petrus off to Germany

Brave Gladiator Elina Petrus was invited to a sports management course in Germany, as part of the foreign cultural and educational policy of the German Foreign Office.
The Sports Faculty of the University of Leipzig, offered Petrus a 4-month course on the topic of “Sports Management” which is meant for sports experts from developing countries.
Petrus follows in the footsteps of Victoria Katukula, Sports Officer in the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Services and Mr Andrew Masongo, President of the Namibian Basketball Federation, who successfully completed the course at the end of January also held in Germany.
Upon the invitation of the Federal Foreign Office former “Brave Gladiator” (1997 – 2009) Elina Petrus will absolve the 4-month-course. She hopes that her studies will contribute to the development of Namibian sports in order to make it competitive on an international level in the long term.
“As Regional Sports Officer for the Karas Region I want to learn from the German experts and their experiences” she said.
Christian Schlaga, Ambassador of Germany to Namibia, confirmed and said, “It is important to fully develop the potential that Namibia has in the area of sport. In order to achieve this, it is crucial to support experts in the field of sports management outside Windhoek as well. We are thus very pleased that with Mrs Petrus a Regional Sports Officer from the ǁKaras Region can take part in the course.”
The International Coaching Courses (ITK) look back on 50 years of tradition in Leipzig. Up until today, more than 4 000 sports experts from 144 countries have seized this opportunity.

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