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Swakop Council reconsiders mobile food kiosks relocation after objections

Swakop Council reconsiders mobile food kiosks relocation after objections

By Adolf Kaure.

The Swakopmund Municipality has resolved to consider the five objections received from various stakeholders who are against the creation of new mobile kiosk sites in the coastal town, during its latest monthly agenda meeting.

One of the objections from the Notice 07/20/24, was against relocation of the mobile food kiosks from Strand Street and the Mole beach area, by Karla Groenewald.

“The yellow bus has played a significant role in enhancing the local scene and created a sense of community, a more vibrant lively place, therefore the call requesting the Municipality to explore options that would allow the food truck to remain at its current location,” said Groenewald.

Another objection was received from Pieter Hamman Legal Practitioners. They wrote a letter to the Swakopmund Municipality on 31 January.

The letter was written on behalf of four property owners, who are against the establishment of mobile food kiosk sites at the Thomas Hamunyela Amphitheatre and tennis court parking area.

“The decision to shift the problem rather than address it directly in Strand Street prompts a critical evaluation of the broader implications and fairness of such a resolution, urging an examination of the right and consideration extended to property owners in different areas affected by this decision.”

“The Swakopmund community at large has been left in the dark regarding the Council’s consideration that led to the decision to relocate the food trucks. Transparency is the bedrock of trust between governing body and its residents and the lack of clear communication regarding the decision-making process is deeply concerning,” the letter read.

Additionally, the Swakopmund Municipal Council received a summarized objection from resident, Derek Strauss. This was via an email written on 8 February, objecting the procedural irregularities surrounding the allocation of additional locations for mobile kiosks and SME trading spaces at the town.

Other objections were for establishing the kiosks in Tamariskia township’s Erf 626 and the old skateboard area in Strand Street.

“Council approves alternative sites for the mobile kiosks. Mobile kiosk regulations will be enforced, and lease rental fees will be determined,” said Swakopmund Municipal Council Alternate Chairperson, Wilfried Groenewald.

Additionally, the Swakopmund Municipal Council conceded to a six-month grace period for compliance purposes.


On 12 December 2023, the Swakopmund Municipal Council resolved that it applies for consent use in terms of the Town Planning Scheme for all mobile kiosk sites as per Council resolutions of 27 October 2022, under item 11.1.8 and on 23 February 2023, under item 11.1.5.

A notice 07/20/24 was advertised in various local newspapers on 19 and 26 January.

Notices were also placed at the proposed locations and the public and all affected stakeholders were given 14 days after the last publication to submit their comments and objections in writing by 9 February.


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