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Pupkewitz BMW takes Luxury Dealer of the Year award

Pupkewitz BMW takes Luxury Dealer of the Year award

Pupkewitz BMW is the best dealer in the luxury vehicle segment according to the MSXI awards that measures performance among more than 1200 dealerships in southern Africa. The local dealership received the award at a glamorous function in Johannesburg over the previous weekend.

For the MSXI awards, the primary assessment revolved around business performance metrics such as profitability, stock management, gross profit per unit and other financial indicators. Pupkewitz BMW said its success can be attributed to a combination of strategic initiatives and unwavering dedication to provide unparalleled service and products to its customers.

Dealer Principal, Armand Barnard said “We attribute this prestigious award to our relentless focus on several key factors. From closely monitoring expenses to managing stock turnover and ensuring minimal aged stock on hand, we prioritize efficiency and customer satisfaction above all else. Our commitment to achieving and surpassing national benchmark figures, offering innovative vehicle offerings and finance options, and delivering exceptional after-sales service has set us apart in the industry.”

Over the past 12 months, Pupkewitz BMW has achieved significant milestones, including consistent market share growth in new vehicles, expanding product offerings in the used vehicle department, and maintaining a profitable and sustainable business model. Additionally, the company has surpassed national average Voice of Customer results in both aftersales and sales departments.

To ensure continued success in future awards, the company plans to focus on making Pupkewitz BMW the preferred premium brand of choice, ensuring a profitable return on investment for shareholders, providing an exceptional working environment for staff, innovating and expanding product offerings, and nurturing the growth and development of its employees to achieve optimal results.

Pupkewitz BMW Dealer Principal, Armand Barnard (left) received the award for the best Dealership in the luxury category at a prestigious ceremony in Johannesburg.


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