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Bank of Namibia awarded for monetary policy transparency

Bank of Namibia awarded for monetary policy transparency

The Bank of Namibia has been named the winner of the Award for Transparency in the annual Central Banking Awards organised by Central Banking Publications. The award will be conferred on 12 June in London.

Bank of Namibia Governor, Johannes !Gawaxab, said “I am deeply honoured to accept this prestigious award on behalf of the Bank of Namibia. It serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to transparency and stakeholder engagement in safeguarding price stability. Through our Strategic Plan (2022-2024), we have prioritised expanding the reach and depth of our interactions, ensuring that every decision we make is communicated clearly and comprehensively.”

The annual awards celebrate outstanding performance in the Central Banking community. As the overall winner in the transparency category, the Bank of Namibia was recognised for its efforts to broaden the reach and depth of its monetary policy communications and enhancing transparency in the execution of its price stability mandate.

Granted solely on merit through a competitive selection process, the award reflects the standard of the bank’s monetary policy communications which have received international recognition.

“Promoting transparency not only ensures accountability for our policy decisions but also offers clarity regarding our objectives, strategies, and decision-making processes. Moreover, transparency strengthens the credibility of the Bank. When the public understands the central bank’s objectives and trusts its dedication to achieving them, it can anchor inflation expectations and stabilise financial markets,” said !Gawaxab.


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