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Unlocking the secrets of hearing: Scientific Society to host public talk with Prof. Geoffrey Manly

Unlocking the secrets of hearing: Scientific Society to host public talk with Prof. Geoffrey Manly

The Namibia Scientific Society is set to host an enlightening public discussion on 14 March at 19:00, featuring Professor Geoffrey Manly.

The focus of the talk will revolve around ‘Understanding the evolution and function of ears, including our own.’

During this event, attendees can expect an exploration into the origins of hearing organs in early vertebrate history, the evolutionary trajectory of different ear structures, and the implications of these structures on hearing and communication. The discussion will also shed light on recent breakthroughs in understanding mammalian ears, making the study of human ears more accessible than ever before.

This talk holds particular significance as it challenges previous assumptions about the uniformity of human ears and highlights the importance of such knowledge in developing effective treatment options for hearing-related ailments.

Professor Manley, currently a Guest Scientist at the University of Oldenburg in Germany, brings a wealth of expertise to the discussion. With numerous publications and scientific papers to his name, his research primarily focuses on the anatomy and functions of the ears of land vertebrates.

Notably, Professor Manley and his colleagues have recently conducted a study on the hearing abilities of young Europeans, aiming to compare these findings with those of the young San people, who represent one of the most ancient identifiable human lineages. This comparative analysis promises to provide valuable insights into the diversity and evolution of human hearing capabilities.


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