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Erongo uranium explorer brings joy to JP Brand learners

Erongo uranium explorer brings joy to JP Brand learners

By Adolf Kaure

Uranium exploration outfit, Deep Yellow Limited together with its subsidiary Reptile Mineral Resources and Exploration made a substantial donation of school uniforms and school bags to JP Brand Primary School on Tuesday.

The donation was availed through the Walvis Bay Circuit of the Directorate of Education, Arts, and Culture to address a specific need identified by the Office of the Traditional Authority of the Topnaars at Utuseb near Walvis Bay.

The traditional authority indicated an urgent need for school uniforms for 54 learners comprising shirts, trousers, shoes, jerseys, socks as well as a school bag.

Reptile Exploration Manager, Dr Katrin Kärner, emphasized the importance of collaboration with the Office of acting Chief Stoffel Anamab and the community to meet educational needs, stating that: “these students are our future.”

During the handover ceremony conducted at the school, JP Brand Principal, Anna Josti, expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the much-needed clothing and bags, underscoring the joy it brings to the learners to be recognized on equal foot with their peers.

“We sincerely appreciate the generous donation and the unwavering support from Reptile.”

“The provision of uniforms will not only foster equality but also instill a sense of pride among the students,” said Josti.

Reptile Communications Officer, Sugnet Smit emphasized their steadfast commitment to enhance educational opportunities in Namibia. “Reptile Mineral Resources and Exploration actively seeks new avenues to make a positive impact on the community.”

“This school uniform and bag donation exemplify one of the many initiatives undertaken by Reptile to fulfill this overarching objective,” she said.

From the left, Reptile Mineral Resources Exploration Manager Katrin Kärner, acting Chief of the Topnaars Stoffel Anamab and Principal of JP Brand Primary School Anna Josti.


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