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Geingob urges nations to speak with one voice against conflicts and diseases

Geingob urges nations to speak with one voice against conflicts and diseases

The President, HE Dr Hage Geingob on Monday urged nations to speak against poverty and inequalities creating tensions and division.

Speaking on the occasion of United Nations Day, Geingob in a statement said, nations should speak with one voice against conflicts and diseases that are compromising global developmental progress.

“We should engage in international cooperation and progressive dialogue as a global community for the benefit of all. We should all combine efforts and embrace the unity of diversity to realize the common agenda and goals of the 193 countries of the UN in the hope of achieving a prosperous and peaceful global planet. Namibia is an advocate for world peace and is confident that the UN will lead successful peace negotiations in regions confronted by war, particularly the Russia-Ukraine war that has adversely affected food and energy supply chains across the globe,” he said.

Namibia’s commitment to multilateralism is deep-rooted and we pledge to strengthen global governance as the most effective way to respond to current and future global challenges, Geingob added.

“Namibia understands solidarity and partnership as key enablers of our developmental aspirations. On this basis, Namibia continues to implement its national development plans and Harambee Prosperity Plans (HPPs), which are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to achieve the common agenda of development, growth, and progress,” he said.

Since Namibia’s membership in the UN at Independence Geingob said, it has been a significant development partner where it funds and supports various programmes in key sectors such as health, education, and many others.

United Nations Day which is this year celebrated under the theme, ‘Our planet, Our Future’, as a global celebration to honour the work of the UN in promoting peace and the achievements of its affiliated agencies.


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