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Tazz protects FNB from legal risk

Tazz protects FNB from legal risk

Taswald July has joined FNB Namibia as Group Legal Advisor. He will be responsible for managing the full legal risk exposure for the FNB Namibia Group. In addition, he will also be the Integrity Officer for the group to ensure it adheres to strict ethical standards to promote a high performance culture in the institution.
Taswald, or as he is known in legal circles, Tazz, holds a B. Proc degree from the University of the Western Cape and was admitted as a legal practitioner by the High Court of Namibia in 2005. Mr. July completed his MBA (MsM) degree in 2010 from Maastricht University.
As a senior Public Prosecutor in the Ministry of Justice, he was one of the founder members of the Prosecutors Association of Namibia, (PAN) and served as its first president. He was also a founder member of the Africa Prosecutors Association and worked as Vice President for SADC and as a strategic member on the association’s executive committee. He also served on the Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate of the United Nations (Cted) as its Africa representatives.
On the challenges of his new position he commented “I look forward to the challenge of working in the highly competitive corporate environment and to test my skills set in the industry. I believe in the three D’s, namely discipline, dedication and determination. These have guided me well in my life thus far and I intend continuing to live by these principles.”
He is married to Elize Angula, also a lawyer.

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