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Windhoek Karneval set to mark 70th anniversary with spectacular festivities

Windhoek Karneval set to mark 70th anniversary with spectacular festivities

Windhoek Karneval (WIKA), a beloved tradition in Windhoek, is gearing up to celebrate its 70th anniversary with a series of spectacular events from 4 to 14 April.

Under the theme “Applause, Applause, Full Throttle Ahead,” the festivities promise to capture the spirit of joy and exuberance that WIKA has embodied over the years.

The 2024 celebration promises to be extraordinary, featuring performances by the HSO Band from Eschweiler, Germany, and renowned Party-Schlager star Peter Wackel.

Additionally, WIKA is thrilled to announce the Namibian debut of “Die Höhner,” a well-known Karneval band from Cologne, Germany. Their participation underscores the international appeal and cultural significance of WIKA.

Holger Mentzel, President of Windhoek Karneval, expressed excitement for the milestone event, stating, “This year marks the 70th Karneval Celebration, and we aim to host one of the biggest and best events in the Namibian events calendar.” He emphasized WIKA’s inclusivity and diverse lineup, showcasing both international and local talent while embracing Namibia’s unique spirit.

WIKA 2024 not only celebrates Karneval’s rich heritage but also reflects Namibia’s vibrant culture and unity. The event is expected to attract attendees from various backgrounds, including locals, tourists, and Karneval enthusiasts worldwide.

Norbert Wurm, the official WIKA spokesperson highlighted the commitment to make it an unforgettable experience, aiming for record-breaking attendance and community engagement. He emphasized WIKA’s blend of traditional German evenings and international flair, catering for diverse audiences.

For more information about WIKA 2024, including event schedules and ticketing details, visit the official website or follow WIKA on Facebook.


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