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Visual art exhibition by Malaysian artist set for Omba Gallery

Visual art exhibition by Malaysian artist set for Omba Gallery

The Omba Gallery will to host the third solo exhibition titled ‘Splashes of Memories’ by Malaysian artist, Feeza Jazri on Tuesday 10 April at 19:00hrs.

Art lovers will find her new aesthetic, presentation and artistic direction refreshing. Feeza Jazri of Malaysia is proving to be a brave artist, undaunted and fearless in experimenting with colour and technique.

The paintings for this exhibition were made using ink, watercolour paint and other media. The techniques employed and quality of work both show Feeza’s phenomenal growth as an artist.

This will be the first time she exhibits the results of an artistic adventure undertaken with an obscure and difficult technique namely, paint splatter and blotching. And yet, refreshingly, her use of splattered paint and blotching is characteristically light, minimal, lending itself to background emphasis to create depth instead of content.

“I want people to know me through my paintings and the feelings I have for my paintings, I want them to have those, too. I am happy when I work,” she said

Using local wildlife and scenery as subjects in her paintings, Feeza infused them with texture, feeling and energy. What she most wants to convey are the feelings of peace and harmony she experienced while creating the paintings. The trunks of two elephants entwined and a tranquil watercolour of the Christus Kirche reflected in a quiet pool of rain water lend credence to that underlying ethos.

Her love for Namibia is obvious and it is most endearing to see the country’s visual largesse has intruded upon her sensibility as an artist.



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