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Fashion and Film decide to bond

From left to right, Mana Maswetu, Co-Founder and non-executive director of Leap Holdings, Ally Angula, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leap Holdings and and Obed Emvula, producer of The Katutura Movie at the meet and greet at the Grove Mall.

My Republik and the makers of the Katutura movie came together to host a fashion and film experience. Members of the public and fans of the soon to be premiered movie were treated to a meet and greet at the My Republic clothing store in the new Grove Mall. The idea behind the meet and greet was to give light to this kind of synergy and to show Namibians that in this case both industries and their respective brands (My Republik and The Katutura Movie), are Namibian-born entities.

The producer and the owner said at the event that these are here, not only to serve the Namibian market but to show Africa and the world what is possible. Obed Emvula, the producer of the Katutura movie said Katutura depicts, celebrates and honours the story of Namibians in an action-packed dramatic showcase. “At every turn we wanted to showcase the raw talent and brilliance of Namibians and partnering with My Republic was a natural fulfillment of that goal,” he added. He also emphasised that the clothing store, My Republik embodies what it means to create and serve Namibians and soon also the international market, with quality Namibian products made by Namibians. Ally Angula, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leap Holdings and owner of My Republik said that they are proud of this collaboration with the Katutura movie, and that it was a no-brainer for them because they value on a tangible level, the hard work, skill and prowess of Namibians. “My Republik believes in not only providing the country with quality, talent and creativity but that it is up to us to show everyone in Africa and the world that there is more to us as Namibians and that nothing is impossible whilst all along instilling pride in the republic,” she said. Angula said Leap Holdings is driven by the deep conviction that anything is possible and they are integrated, creating and capturing value through their farming, manufacturing and retail businesses, underpinned by the drive to impact, transform and enrich lives.

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