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Seeing risk at managerial level before it becomes risky

Seeing risk at managerial level before it becomes risky

Risk management was the focus of a recent collaborative workshop to address effective risk management at managerial level between the private and the public sector. Capricorn Group’s Business Risk Officer, Horst Simon, conducted the workshop for the Namibian Revenue Agency, NamRa, to enhance the agency’s own internal risk management practices.

An expert in risk management, Simon has done training for various government entities as part of Capricorn Group’s Connectors of Positive Change initiative.

NamRA recently established an internal Management Risk Department and sought Capricorn’s assistance with training, particularly as guidance for NamRA’s inaugural Enterprise Risk Management Committee Meeting.

Commissioner Sam Shivute, Chairperson of the Enterprise Risk Management Committee, expressed NamRA’s gratitude for Capricorn Group’s initiative and the invaluable contribution made through this introductory training session, setting the groundwork for effective risk management practices within NamRA.

Capricorn Group said it is honoured to collaborate with NamRA to share knowledge and best practices for identifying, analyzing, and mitigating potential risks. The Group has fostered an environment where every employee understands his or her role and responsibility in risk management.

Simon reiterated Capricorn Group’s commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen, stating, “At Capricorn Group, we believe that we are part of a bigger, interconnected global system. Our approach to being a responsible, regional, and global citizen is built into the DNA of all our businesses. We view this workshop as an opportunity to invest in advancing a better sustainable future for all Namibians.”

Members of NamRA’s Enterprise Risk Management Committee and Senior Managers getting ready for the workshop session.


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