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Power outage plagues Ariamsvlei and Noordoewer

Power outage plagues Ariamsvlei and Noordoewer

The national power utility, NamPower has alerted residents and stakeholders about a significant power disruption affecting Ariamsvlei, Noordoewer, and nearby areas.

Since 14:46 on Sunday, 18 February, these regions have been grappling with a complete loss of electricity supply.

The root cause of this outage has been traced to an electrical fault occurring at the Harib Substation’s second transformer, which operates at 220/132 kV with a capacity of 40 MVA.

In response, technical teams from NamPower have mobilized to address the situation. Efforts are currently underway to transport a replacement transformer from Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia.

Authorities anticipate that power restoration efforts will conclude by Wednesday, 21 February, bringing relief to the affected areas. However, caution is advised to all residents and stakeholders. During these outages, all power lines and electrical points should be treated as “live” as power restoration may occur without prior notification.

NamPower in a statement extended its apologies to the residents of Ariamsvlei, Noordoewer, and the surrounding regions for any inconveniences caused by this unexpected outage.

The utility company reassures the public of its dedicated efforts to swiftly resolve the issue and restore normalcy to the affected areas.


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