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There is hope in Tsumeb at the Hope Home-based Care Centre – Harambee is for everybody

There is hope in Tsumeb at the Hope Home-based Care Centre – Harambee is for everybody

Olove Gamises lovingly cradles her brother Donovan’s head during a recent celebration at the Hope Home-based Care Centre in Tsumeb, when the smelter operator, Dundee Precious Metals stepped in to make life bearable for the centre’s disabled people, orphans and other vulnerable children.

One hundred and sixty seven persons, ranging from the elderly to toddlers, call the centre their home. The institution was founded by Eglien Uises in 2015 after an illness made her mother invalid.

“I had to resign from my job as a Bears Furniture Store Regional Manager to take care of my mother. Seeing how difficult it was for me and my mother got me to thinking of those in our communities who are facing the same problems but do not have anyone to lean on. That is when I decided to open this centre for hope” said Uises.

Many of the centre’s residents may be disabled but they understand the concept of Harambee and a culture of inclusiveness. Thanking the President, HE Dr Hage Geingob for his farsightedness when he introduced his Harambee Prosperity Plan, a Tsumeb resident, Allet Olivier expressed her gratitude to both the sovereign leader and Dundee Precious Metals as a caring and participative commercial entity.

“We would like to thank President Geingob, for introducing Harambee and a culture of inclusivity that does not allow for anyone to be left out regardless of their status. Dundee is a very good example of this plan in action. If there [were] a word bigger than thank you, we would say it to express our gratitude,” she said.

Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb Community Trust Administrator, Christof Kisting said “The Dundee Trust’s focus for support is directed at the underprivileged and most vulnerable members of the community. Our aim is to uplift the community socially and economically through supporting initiatives that form part of the country’s development priority areas.”

Co-sponsor and Tulipamwe business owner, Nico Kaiyamo commended Uises for her commitment saying. “As the President said; no one will be left behind. It doesn’t matter if you are disabled, blind, rich, poor, short or tall, especially now in this Harambee era” he said.

Another Tsumeb resident, Alletta Gawanas encouraged people with disabled family members not to lose hope. “I would like to tell other families who have disabled children, parents, brothers, sisters, uncles or aunts to remain steadfast. Do not give up, being a mother to a disabled little girl was not easy I never forget that her life is precious too. Thank you Hage and Dundee for making it possible for me to provide for my little angel” she said.



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