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Telecom recognizes long-serving employees with certificates

Telecom recognizes long-serving employees with certificates

Telecom Namibia upheld its tradition of acknowledging the dedication and commitment of its long-serving employees by awarding them with long service certificates during a breakfast session held at a local hotel on Thursday.

The event saw a total of 19 staff members being honored for their remarkable tenure of service, spanning 30, 35, and 40 years, while another 17 employees were recognized in absentia.

In his address at the event, Telecom Namibia’s Chief Executive, Dr. Stanley Shanapinda, extended heartfelt congratulations to the honored employees. He emphasized the pivotal role they played during Namibia’s transition from the pre to post-independence era, highlighting their status as Telecom Namibia legends.

Shanapinda reflected on the evolution of Telecom Namibia’s services, from the days of answering telephone booths on the streets to the modern era of landline and mobile phone communications. He credited the dedication of these long-serving employees for laying the foundation that allowed Telecom Namibia to embrace technological advancements and provide improved services to its customers.

“As pioneers, your unwavering dedication has shaped Telecom Namibia’s journey and positioned us to embrace modern technologies,” Dr. Shanapinda remarked.

“Your legacy serves as a source of inspiration as we continue to navigate challenges and strive towards a brighter future. We are committed to building upon the foundation you have laid and passing on a better Telecom Namibia to future generations.”

Telecom Namibia’s commitment to being the employer of choice was underscored by the presentation of Long Service Award certificates, accompanied by cash bonuses, to each recipient. These cash bonuses, a traditional gesture, were awarded to employees upon reaching significant milestones in their years of service.

In total, the breakfast event celebrated an impressive collective total of 1,180 years’ worth of dedicated service by Telecom Namibia’s long-serving employees.


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