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Climate change strategy on cards

Two government ministries joined forces to commemorate the combat against desertification at an event held last week in Rundu.
The Minister of Environment and Tourism, Hon. Uahekua Herunga and the Minister of Water and forestry, Hon. John Mutorwa respectively gave a firm stance that both line ministries have climate change on their priority radar hence the celebration of the World Day in combating desertification.
Mutorwa did not mince words that the prerogative of environmental sustainability is an obligation enshrined in the law. The minister of Agriculture urged that communities particularly those that depend on land for survival be educated on the concept of climate change.

“The experts and scientists must climb down form their or our high chairs come down to the ordinary people in villages, explain to them in simple understandable language, this complex concepts of climate change, climate proof,” Mutorwa said. He acknowledged that indigenous knowledge on nature conservation should be modernized and incorporated into already existent policy and programmes. As living proof on how healthy ecosystems adapt to climate change in gauging the productivity of the land. With climate change and Namibia’s recent drought being a pressing issue there was need for a subsequent follow up on the National Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan of 2010.

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