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UB Dax Primary School boosted by alumni’s generous donation

UB Dax Primary School boosted by alumni’s generous donation

The Arandis Town Council, led by Councillor Johanna Namupala, made a significant contribution to UB Dax Primary School’s vulnerable children’s feeding programme.

The donation, totaling N$35,000 in essential food items, aimed to support the school’s efforts in aiding vulnerable students. The generous donation was made possible by Simon Shaninga, owner of Carbon 12 Mechanical and an alumnus of UB Dax Primary School.

The Council highlighted that three identified children would directly benefit from the donation by receiving stationery and uniforms. This targeted assistance ensures that the most vulnerable students are equipped with the necessary tools for academic and social success.

Shaninga’s commitment to giving back to his alma mater was lauded by the Council, emphasizing his success as an inspiration to current students. The donation not only provides immediate aid but also underscores the potential for achievement and community impact stemming from education at UB Dax Primary School.

In addition to the direct assistance for students, Carbon 12 Mechanical donated 60 boxes of photocopy paper to the school, further demonstrating their commitment to academic support. The Council commended the company for its dedication to enhancing educational initiatives and ensuring resources for both teachers and students.

Mrs. Theron, Principal at UB Dax Primary School, expressed gratitude for the thoughtful donation, recognizing its positive impact on the school community. She praised Shaninga for his corporate social responsibility and encouraged other local businesses to follow suit in supporting education and community development.

The Council emphasized the tangible benefits of the donation, anticipating its positive effect throughout the school. By uplifting spirits and fostering an environment conducive to academic success and personal growth, the donation represents a significant step towards enhancing educational outcomes at UB Dax Primary School.


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