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Letshego Holdings Namibia boosts economic growth with strategic workforce expansion

Letshego Holdings Namibia boosts economic growth with strategic workforce expansion

Letshego Holdings Namibia is making significant strides to combat unemployment by expanding its workforce across its subsidiaries.

Acknowledging the need for collective efforts beyond government interventions, the Group is ramping up its workforce to support organisational growth initiatives and cater to the evolving needs of its expanding customer base.

As a key player listed on the Namibian Stock Exchange, Letshego Holdings Namibia holds the ultimate stake in Letshego Micro Financial Services Namibia, providing accessible credit services for lower-middle-income earners, and Letshego Bank Namibia, offering affordable banking services. With its core purpose aimed at addressing financial gaps to enhance lives, the Group plays a substantial role in broader economic development.

“These strategic moves align with our growth ambitions outlined in our five-year transformation journey, the 6.2.5 plan, launched in 2020 and currently in its fourth year,”Letshego Holdings Namibia Chief Executive Ester Kali said in a statement underscoring the significance of these appointments.

According to Kali, the plan aims to enhance customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, and diversify Letshego’s offerings.

“The expanded workforce will act as a catalyst, propelling Letshego to deliver a robust customer experience and accentuate the value of financial inclusion,” she added.

Letshego Holdings Namibia meanwhile is extending an invitation to qualified professionals who share values such as integrity, customer-centricity, and innovation to explore career opportunities within both Letshego Bank Namibia (LBN) and Letshego Micro Financial Services Namibia (LMFSN). Detailed information on available positions and application procedures can be found on the Facebook and LinkedIn pages of each entity.

Remaining committed to strengthening internal capacities for continued business growth and solidifying its market position, Letshego Holdings Namibia emphasized its dedication to contributing to the economic landscape through strategic growth and fostering financial inclusion.


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