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Rössing Uranium empowers Tsumkwe Senior Secondary School students

Rössing Uranium empowers Tsumkwe Senior Secondary School students

Rössing Uranium recently presented a donation comprising 400 school bags and essential stationery to Tsumkwe Senior Secondary School.

This philanthropic gesture is part of the Women in Media (WiM) Tsumkwe outreach initiative.

During the handover ceremony this week, Rössing’s Corporate Communication Manager Daylight Ekandjo expressed the miner’s dedication to investing in education.

She highlighted the company’s involvement through the Rössing Foundation, a Corporate Social Investment vehicle making a positive impact on schools nationwide.

Ekandjo emphasized the belief that education serves as the foundation for progress and plays a pivotal role in shaping the future.

The preparation for this donation began last year, with Rössing Uranium responding positively to the Women in Media’s request for support. The company committed N$ 250,000 to facilitate the outreach drive.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by learners, teachers, and the Tsumkwe community, Ekandjo expressed hope that the donated school bags and stationery would alleviate some burdens. The objective is to enable future employees to focus on their studies and aspire to greater heights despite the challenges they may encounter.

Ekandjo highlighted the donation as a small but significant contribution to a collective goal. It reflects Rössing Uranium’s belief in the potential of the young minds in Tsumkwe and the company’s commitment to fostering educational opportunities in the communities where it operates.

Expressing gratitude for the partnership with Women in Media, Ekandjo emphasized the importance of such collaborations in creating a lasting impact. She stated, “It is through such partnerships that we can ensure every child receives the education they deserve.”

In response, Women in Media founder Limba Mupetami thanked Rössing Uranium for its collaboration and generous contribution.

School Principal Christof Ngavetene also extended his gratitude for the donation, recognizing the positive impact it would have on the students and the entire Tsumkwe community.

The collaborative efforts of Rössing Uranium, Women in Media, and the Tsumkwe Senior Secondary School exemplify a shared commitment to empowering young minds and fostering educational opportunities.


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