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Erongo Regional Council extends support to orphans and vulnerable students in Walvis Bay

Erongo Regional Council extends support to orphans and vulnerable students in Walvis Bay

The Erongo Regional Council has unveiled plans to offer financial assistance for educational purposes to needy and vulnerable students within the Walvis Bay Urban Constituency community.

Hon. Deriou Benson, Constituency Councilor of the Walvis Bay Urban Constituency, announced the initiative, highlighting the specific criteria for eligibility. He noted a preference for students pursuing Tertiary Education with outstanding academic achievements, especially in medical, nursing, engineering, science, and teaching fields, provided they completed their secondary education in Walvis Bay. Benson emphasized that only institutions accredited by the National Training Authority (NQA) would be considered.

The financial aid, Benson explained, is targeted toward orphans, vulnerable individuals, destitute students, or those living with disabilities. Priority will be given to Grade 11 and 12 learners requiring registration fees. Benson clarified that applicants who are employed and earn more than N$5,000, as well as those with parents or legal guardians earning a combined salary exceeding N$10,000 per month, would not be considered.

Applicants must have been residents of the Walvis Bay Urban Constituency for at least three years and fall within the age range of 17 to 21. Benson outlined the required documentation, including certified copies of ID or birth certificates, academic certificates, acceptance letters, proof of registration, banking details of the institution, original quotations from the institution, and any other pertinent documentation supporting their eligibility for financial assistance.

Benson cautioned that assessments would be conducted, and application forms would only be provided to individuals meeting the specified criteria.

Interested applicants can obtain forms from the Constituency Office, with a limited number available. The deadline for submission is 31 January for those who have received application forms.


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