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Gearing up for a safer Christmas

 Crime Stoppers, a volunteer group, will assist in keeping Swakopmund crime-free this festive season. (Photograph contributed)The Police Public Relations Committee (PPRC) has join hands with the Namibian Police and Swakopmund residents to make the town a safer place during this month. The focus is on ‘promoting safer behaviour’.
In order to further strengthen the voluntary group, Crime Stoppers, PPRC sent an invitation out to previously trained residents. Almost 200 people turned up for a refresher course held last month.
The Swakopmund station commander, chief inspector Johanna van Rooyen reinvigorated the group of crime stoppers.
The PPRC also called on the community to become part of neighbourhood watch groups. Members can watch what is happening in their neighbourhood while they go about their daily business and should report anything unusual or they can join a dedicated group who assists the police with patrolling in their residential areas and at roadblocks.
The organisation also aims to increase the number of Crime Stoppers on the street. “These wonderful volunteers are the backbone of the PPRC and it has been noted that as their number of patrols increase, crime decreases. These individuals either patrol under direction of the police and report any unusual behaviour or they are unknown citizens who give leads to the police on criminal activities,” the PPRC said.

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