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Multimillion dollar fund looks for investment opportunities

Anthony Hamilton with his Namibian business partner, Morning -Star Rosario.A UK based fund with over US$100 million says it is looking for investment opportunities in the country in the fields of mining, construction, power and infrastructure.
Marketnam, a company formed soon after the SADC Investment forum in London in June, is a joint venture between Namibian business people based in London and UK investors. Speaking at the sidelines of the recently held Namibia International Investment Forum, Anthony Hamilton a director of Marketnam, said his company was facilitating the channelling of investment funds through London into Namibia on behalf of international investors.
He said it’s clear that Namibia is rapidly becoming a regional gateway for SADC so the challenge for Marketnam on behalf of the investment community, is to find projects with the best prospects both within Namibia and the SADC region through Namibia.
“While Namibia may have a small but highly productive population, it is ideally placed to serve the commercial interests of the SADC region, for those reasons Namibia is hugely exciting as an investment opportunity for savvy global investors and for us it is hugely exciting to feel the vibrancy of business in Namibia,” Hamilton said.
He said the Namibian diaspora in London which is highly skilled and educated want to take up the challenges facing the country and use their networks and contacts in London to enhance the growth prospects and commercial opportunities in Namibia.
“Marketnam is driven by Namibia entrepreneurs for the commercial prosperity of their country. It was founded by Namibians bringing in the financial expertise available in London which is one of the world’s financial capitals.”
He said they were looking at constructing a five-star hotel which rivals some of the best five star hotels in London. In addition, Hamilton said they were also looking at a number of smaller projects to invest in. He however could not give details of the projects.
“We look at smaller efficient projects on a case by case basis. We are looking at several projects in power, mining and port expansion as a result of this conference .
“I prefer not to be specific at the moment but what I would like to say is thanks to the organisers of this forum for facilitating specific business opportunities for us at Marketnam.
“This would not have been possible without such an impressive forum and clearly outstanding and commercial astute Namibian business partners both here on the ground in Namibia and in London.
“It is stimulating to be in a can do business environment. By that I mean Namibia is clearly open for business and that has to be a tribute to those in government that have placed Namibia in this enviable and productive commercial environment for international investors.”
Despite the optimism Hamilton, however said more still needed to be done especially in the field of communication in order for foreign business to effectively do business in the country.
“Widespread internet coverage will help us to do business more effectively. I am confident that this is an issue that we will not have to face in the near future.
“More competition is needed for internet service providers linked with mobile phone operators,” he said.

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