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Old Mutual Foundation’s unveils winning schools from Little Green Ambassadors initiative

Old Mutual Foundation’s unveils winning schools from Little Green Ambassadors initiative

The Old Mutual Foundation this week revealed the successful culmination of the innovative Little Green Ambassadors Initiative. Amid intense competition, 28 primary schools have emerged as shining stars, selected from a pool of 100 exceptional applications.

These schools, committed to fostering a sustainable future, have distinguished themselves as leaders in environmental stewardship.

After a rigorous evaluation process, and a public voting of the video submissions of the 10 finalists, the Old Mutual Foundation proudly unveils the outstanding winners of the Little Green Ambassadors Initiative:

Ondeikela Combined School – Ohangwena Region (Prize: N$20000)
Hashiyana Primary School – Oshana Region (Prize: N$15000)
Superb Children English Academy – Omusati Region (Prize: N$10000)
Sikaunga Primary School – Zambezi Region (Prize: N$5000)
Brandberg Primary School – Erongo Region (Prize: N$3000)

Group Marketing, Public Affairs, and Sustainability Executive, Mignon du Preez in a statement said the Little Green Ambassadors Initiative has proven that the power of change lies in the hands of the young.

“We salute these schools for their remarkable dedication and enthusiasm in sowing the seeds of a sustainable future,” she said, while the Old Mutual Foundation extended its heartfelt congratulations to all participating schools for their pivotal role in transforming the initiative into a resounding success.

“As we reflect on this journey, let us be reminded that these schools are not just winners; they are the architects of a more sustainable, resilient, and environmentally conscious Namibia. Their dedication signifies the dawn of a new era, where every effort, no matter how small, contributes to the grand tapestry of our planet’s health. The Old Mutual Foundation stands proud alongside these schools, fostering a legacy that transcends generations and echoes our commitment to a thriving, green Namibia,” she concluded.


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