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Baker’s Bay Artists’ Retreat Exhibition now open for public viewing

Baker’s Bay Artists’ Retreat Exhibition now open for public viewing

The doors have swung open to showcase the 2023 Baker’s Bay Artists’ Retreat exhibition at the Namibian Arts Association (NAA), welcoming art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and expression. The exhibition, organised by StArt Art Gallery and OMDis, will remain on display until 29 February.

While this year’s exhibition commenced without a formal opening event, the NAA plans to host an end-of-year celebration on 15 December at 18:00. This special occasion offers a unique opportunity for attendees to revel in the artworks outside of regular operating hours, fostering a celebratory ambiance.

Featuring an array of artworks by talented artists, the exhibition showcases the creative prowess of Namibian artists including Wil-Merie Greyling, Immanuel Chiete, Julia Nakashwa Hango, Elisia Nghidishange, Ismael Shivute, Natache Sylivia Iilonga, Tity Kalala Tshilumba, Nicky Marais, and Lila Swanepoel. Additionally, artists from Angola (Anita Sambanje), South Africa (Jeannette Unite), and Germany (Line Krom) contribute their unique perspectives to the showcase.

The collection on display presents a diverse range of artistic expressions spanning traditional and contemporary mediums. Sculptural pieces ingeniously crafted from recycled metals sourced from nearby dumps captivate viewers, while paintings intricately respond to the landscape through various artistic lenses, utilizing pigments from the earth.

Moreover, the exhibition delves into archival imagery, employing photography and collage techniques to document installations and site-specific works set to endure at Baker’s Bay for years to come. Among the displayed exhibits are imaginative architectural plans exploring innovative ways of coexisting within the landscape.

The remote setting of Baker’s Bay provided artists with an uninterrupted space to delve into their creative practices, learning from each other and drawing inspiration from the unique environment and its social history.

In essence, this exhibition serves as a testament to the diverse and immersive creative journey embarked upon by artists during their time at Baker’s Bay, reflecting their deep-seated connection to the landscape and its narratives.


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