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NWR’s Onkoshi restcamp not closing down

At the helm of Namibia Wildlife Resorts, Acting MD, Ms Zelna Hengari.

At the helm of Namibia Wildlife Resorts, Acting MD, Ms Zelna Hengari.

Windhoek – Over the past week, Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) said in a statement released earlier this week, it has received enquiries regarding the closure of Onkoshi, one of its Eco-Collection resorts. “With this disturbing news being circulated, NWR would like to clear the air” the government’s restcamp administrator said.
Explaining the chain of events that lead to the misconception regarding Onkoshi, NWR said “eversince the establishment of Onkoshi, our clients were unable to drive directly to the resort. Due to this, they first had to arrive at Namutoni [from] where there were then taken to Onkoshi. Though, over Easter, NWR was able to rectify this, thus ensuring that sedans are now able to travel to the resort without any assistance.”
“In terms of the availability of water, since the establishment of the Onkoshi restcamp, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism has been providing us with water. With its increased popularity, NWR saw the need to acquire its own water tank, which is currently being converted. This is going to ensure the availability of water at all times to our valued clients” said the parastatal’s Acting Managing Director, Ms Zelna Hengari. “NWR would like to re-assure all our clients that the rumours going around that Onkoshi is closed is devoid of any truth and that they are welcome to pay us a visit” she said. Reiterating its commitment to be a reliable and responsible restcamp manager, NWR said this week it’s vision is to become the provider of a reliable, welcoming and appealing tourism service in the prime tourism destinations of Namibia.

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