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Rundu National Farmers Union Congress emphasizes agricultural unity and growth

Rundu National Farmers Union Congress emphasizes agricultural unity and growth

Rundu witnessed the inauguration of the Namibia National Farmers Union (NNFU) Congress on 27 November, led by Bonifastius Wakudumo, the Governor of the Kavango East Region.

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in Kavango East highlighted the NNFU’s pivotal role as a central figure in the agricultural sector, entrusted with the responsibility of organizing and uniting farmers for the greater benefit of Namibia’s agricultural landscape.

They underscored the NNFU’s influential position in fostering enhanced production methods and structured agricultural practices.

In his address, Wakudumo urged the elected members to diligently prioritize the welfare of the populace, particularly focusing on the interests of farmers nationwide.

Jason Emvula, President of the NNFU, stressed the necessity of transforming the agricultural sector, emphasizing the amalgamation of resources to facilitate developments across crop and livestock farming.

He emphasized the crucial need for collaborative efforts among stakeholders, including producers, financial institutions, input suppliers (such as seeds and fertilizers), market researchers, as well as electricity and water suppliers.

Emvula underscored that such synergies are instrumental in propelling the country towards self-reliance.

Additionally, he emphasized the urgency of swiftly resolving the Red Line issue to achieve nationwide harmony among all Namibians.

The Congress drew to a close on 28 November.


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