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UN joins investment board for international trade skills workshop

UN joins investment board for international trade skills workshop

By Freeman Ya Ngulu.

To address a critical challenge in today’s global economy – the scarcity of skilled labour – the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board in partnership with the United Nations System in Namibia hosted a Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification (STED) Workshop on Thursday 23 November 2023.

This workshop was a direct response to the pressing need for skilled workers, a major growth constraint for businesses worldwide and particularly in Sub-Sahara Africa and Namibia.

The STED workshop sought to align trade, investment, development and educational strategies, following the successful models of nations that have harnessed globalisation for progress. The focus of the workshop was to unpack the STED methodology and present country testimonials with the overall objective to equip the youth with the necessary skills for sustainable economic growth and to transform trade openness into tangible benefits.

Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification is a programme of the United Nations that provides sector level technical assistance on identifying the skills development strategies required for future success in international trade. It is designed to support growth and decent employment creation in sectors that have the potential to increase exports and to contribute to economic growth.


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