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Hardap Governor accepts computer donation on behalf of Rooiduin learners

Hardap Governor accepts computer donation on behalf of Rooiduin learners

Telecom Namibia donated ten computers to the Rooiduin Secondary School in Aranos as part of the utility’s Corporate Social Investment, that will have a measurable impact on improving the digital ability of learners at rural schools.

At a ceremony at the school, Telecom Namibia Chief Executive, Dr Stanley Shanapinda said “As a responsible corporate citizen, we continuously allocate available resources to support initiatives that contribute to the social and economic growth and development of our people.”

The computers were received by the Hardap Governor, Hon Rev Salomon April on behalf of the Rooiduin learners.

“Through the provision of these computers, Telecom Namibia is not only supporting the delivery of quality education but also empowering learners with access to the internet, which serves as their “information highway” and pathway to education. The internet opens up a world of knowledge and opportunities, enabling learners to explore new horizons, conduct research, and connect with peers and experts from around the globe,” said Shanapinda.

“Recognizing the digital divide as a significant challenge in the country, Telecom Namibia acknowledges that many learners still lack access to computers and the internet, limiting their opportunities for growth and development. By providing these computers, Telecom Namibia takes a step to bridging this divide and ensuring that every learner has an equal chance to succeed,” he said.

Telecom emphasizes that education serves as the foundation on which the future is built. By investing in ICT development, the company invests in the leaders of tomorrow.


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