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Rediscovering Caprivi Through the eyes of Sylvia Schlettwein

Rediscovering Caprivi Through the eyes of Sylvia Schlettwein

The Namibia Scientific Society has extended an open invitation to the public for the launch of ‘Katima-A Namibian Childhood,’ authored by Sylvia Schlettwein, scheduled for 23 November at 19:00.

This memoir by Sylvia Schlettwein, a local author and daughter of Minister Carl Schlettwein, offers a nostalgic journey into her childhood in Katima-Mulilo, located in what was formerly known as the Caprivi Strip in northeastern Namibia.

Through 16 captivating stories, Schlettwein provides a unique glimpse into everyday life in pre-independence Namibia, chronicling the experiences of a family deeply involved with SWAPO during that era. Narrated from the innocent perspective of a child, the book unveils the enchantment and harsh realities of Africa, portraying a blend of German traditions and a profound dedication to the African continent.

Describing the essence of the memoir, the Namibia Scientific Society emphasized that the narrative is not just a collection of tales but a literary time machine, transporting readers back to the Caprivi of the 1980s.

Furthermore, the book is hailed as a heartfelt homage to the splendor and multicultural richness of Namibia’s landscapes and its diverse populace.

The Society invites all interested individuals to join in this exploration of history and culture, as Sylvia Schlettwein’s memoir promises to be a captivating odyssey back to an era that shaped the fabric of Namibia.


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