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GIPF acting Chief talks to retired members at GIPAN AGM

GIPF acting Chief talks to retired members at GIPAN AGM

At his first public engagement as the acting Chief Executive of the Government Institutions Pension Fund, Mr Onno Amutenya, told the members of the Government Institutions Pensioners Association (GIPAN) that the fund has commissioned a Comparativeness Study to benchmark GIPF benefits against other pension funds, both local and regional.

“Some of the burning questions posed by the National Executive Committee, and our pensioners in general, will therefore be addressed as part of the study outcome, as the data and information derived from the study will inform the Board on how to address the concerns you have raised, going forward,” he said.

Mr Amutenya addressed a general GIPAN meeting held in Windhoek on Wednesday 08 November.

Welcoming all the GIPAN members to the meeting, he said “You contributed to making GIPF what it is today. I pray that you are steadfast in making sure that the Fund remains strong and resilient for many years to come.”

“GIPAN plays a critical role in our ecosystem by keeping pensioners and active members informed about the Rules and benefits of the Fund, and I therefore wish to encourage you to consider partnering up with the Fund on member education initiatives,” he said.

GIPAN can engage in numerous activities to promote the well-being of our retired members. These activities can include fitness programmes, mental health support, social gatherings, community networking and building, and more. Your involvement in these initiatives can have a profound impact on the quality of life for the pensioners, our senior citizens.”

On the functioning of GIPAN as a representative body, Mr Amutenya said “I am informed that this AGM is attended by three members serving as Regional Executive Committee Members and that the AGM will also be electing a new National Executive Committee as per your constitution.”

Regarding the relationship between the GIPF and GIPAN, he said “the Fund is governed by Rules which are administered and overseen by the GIPF Board of Trustees. Any change to the benefits structure is proposed and approved by the sponsoring employer, which is the Government. Such benefits proposals are informed by markets and other factors, to the benefit of our esteemed Senior Citizens and active members, with a long-term view.”


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