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Marema village receives agro-inputs and gardening tools

Marema village receives agro-inputs and gardening tools

The Diworoka Ruhepo Roge Community Garden in Marema village in the Kavango West region received agro-inputs and gardening tools from the Japanese government recently.

The Ministry of Information, Communication, and Technology in Kavango West said the donated items include agro-inputs such as fertilizer and seeds, gardening tools such as rakes, spading forks, wheelbarrows, a water tank, and water containers.

Japan’s Ambassador to Namibia, Hisao Nishimaki said Japan’s commitment to support vulnerable households becomes tangible through this intervention.

The Kavango West Region governor, Sirkka Ausiku said the region has identified agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism as three sectors that can help address poverty in the region.

“We are here to witness how our development partners are joining us to address poverty in our region and I am confident that the support will improve food security at the household level for the beneficiaries and their community,” added Ausiku.

Ausiku appealed to the beneficiaries to take good care of the donated items and make good use of them to keep the project evergreen.

The ministry said the horticulture project consists of 23 members, of which four are men and the rest are women, and that the donation is part of Japan’s support to an intervention project known as ‘Emergency response and resilience building to improve livelihoods, food security and nutrition in locust affected regions of Namibia,’ through the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN).


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