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A small gesture of appreciation for the work of the police and wardens in Omaruru

A small gesture of appreciation for the work of the police and wardens in Omaruru

With crime rates down by an estimated 70%, the staff of a bank branch in Omaruru wanted to show their appreciation for the visible presence of the Namibian Police, and for the vigilant work done at the town’s correctional facility.

The staff of the FNB branch in Omaruru got together lead by their Business Manager, Abiud Tjikusere and the Branch Administrator, Sharron Swartbooi, to donate bottled water and soft drinks to the police and prison officers. The gesture was handed to the community protectors at a small ceremony last weekend. At that event, the officers were thanked in person for their contribution to Omaruru’s safety.

“We thought it necessary to show the patrol teams our appreciation for their commitment in serving the community. Thank you for keeping us safe and assisting our fellow Namibians to maintain social distancing, including safety at our ATM’s! Your help and guidance is highly valued,” said Tjikusere.

Pictured are the two FNB managers, Abiud Tjikusere and Sharron Swartbooi with Commissioner Elian Shikongo of the Omaruru Prison College, and Inspector Tobias, the Nampol Station Commander,  with their officers.


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