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Capricorn Foundation and Lithon Foundation collaborate for capacity building workshop

Capricorn Foundation and Lithon Foundation collaborate for capacity building workshop

In a powerful collaboration, the Capricorn Foundation and the Lithon Foundation recently organized the NGO Capacity Building Workshop for enhancing the capabilities of non-profit organizations (NPOs).

Themed “Strengthening the Management of NGOs to Foster Socio-economic Developed Communities in Namibia,” the workshop drew an impressive turnout, highlighting the shared commitment to bolstering NPO effectiveness.

The workshop provided a vital platform for knowledge sharing, equipping NPOs with the tools to manage their organizations and navigate the donor landscape, both locally and internationally.

Renowned for their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives, the Capricorn Foundation and the Lithon Foundation have consistently played a pivotal role in uplifting Namibian communities. Their collaboration with NPOs, including NGOs and social welfare entities, underscores the belief in these organizations’ pivotal role in driving Namibia’s socio-economic progress.

Marlize Horn, Executive Officer of the Capricorn Foundation, commended the vital societal role played by NPOs and NGOs. She emphasized the Foundation’s commitment to acting as “Connectors of Positive Change” and highlit the importance of workshops like this in supporting and empowering fellow NGOs.

“NPOs are indispensable partners, working alongside government and other entities to address diverse community needs ranging from climate-related challenges to unemployment and malnutrition. These organizations operate on the front lines, actively engaging with communities, providing technical expertise, conducting continuous research, and crafting sustainable models tailored to evolving community requirements.”

The Lithon Foundation Chief Executive, Marsia Reed, acknowledged the critical role of NPOs and emphasized the potential for greater impact through collaborative efforts. She stressed the importance of cooperation between corporations and NPOs in driving initiatives that address the diverse needs of communities.

The workshop delved into crucial topics such as financial management, compliance requirements, branding and marketing strategies for NGOs, understanding funding sources, nurturing positive work environments, and enhancing communication skills. The discussions underscored the strategic and purposeful nature of the partnership between corporations and NPOs, working together on shared objectives and striving to create sustainable communities.


From the left, Marsia Reed, Lithon Foundation Chief Executive; Siegfried Lange, Managing Consultant at Capacity Grow; Sabina Jacobs, National Welfare Board Registrar; Marlize Horn, Capricorn Foundation Executive Officer and Herve Rousseau, Cooperation Attaché, EU Delegation Namibia.


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