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More funding needed for high-performance sport

More funding needed for high-performance sport

By Adolf Kaure

The Erongo Governor, Neville André said that more funds should be invested into sport when he spoke at the opening of the Namibia Sports Expo held at Swakopmund’s The MTC Dome on Wednesday.

According to André, innovation and integration alone are not enough to unlock the untapped potential of sport talent in Namibia and Africa.

“To truly achieve high-performance sport in Africa, we must prioritize investment and infrastructure development. Adequate funding, modern training facilities, state-of-the-art stadiums, and well-equipped sports institutions are essential for athletes to reach their full potential.”

“Government support, private sector involvement, and partnerships with international organizations are instrumental in providing the necessary financial resources and infrastructural support to create an enabling environment for our athletes to thrive,” he said.

The governor further stated that recognizing the importance of fostering a sport culture and nurturing grassroots talent is crucial.

“Encouraging participation from a young age, promoting physical education in schools, and establishing robust sports development programmes are vital to identify and nurture athletic potential from a grassroots level. By investing in the future of our youth and supporting their passion for sport, we pave the way for a strong foundation of high-performance athletes in Africa,” said André.

The 2023 Namibia Sports Expo is held under the theme, ‘High Performance Sports in Africa.’

“High Performance Sports in Africa’ is not just a theme; it is a vision. It represents our collective commitment to excellence, to pushing the boundaries, and to showcasing the immense talent that our continent possesses.”

“Together, through innovation, integration, and investment, we can transform African high-performance sport, making it a force to be reckoned with on the global stage. Let us forge new partnerships, exchange ideas, and shape the future of high-performance sport in Africa, leaving a legacy that will inspire generations to come.”

Organised by the Namibia Sports Commission, the 2023 Sports Expo features various sport codes as well as a conference with discussions from a range of industry experts. The expo oncludes on Saturday, 28 October.

Swakopmund boxer Albinus “Danny Boy” Felesianu (right) is a high-performance athlete who persevered to become the World Boxing Federation lightweight intercontinental champion. (Photograph by Adolf Kaure)


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