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New beach volleyball champions after Swakop Masters

New beach volleyball champions after Swakop Masters

Rosi Hennes and Simone von Wietersheim are the new Fabupharm Swakop Masters ladies beach volleyball champions, beating Carmen Kühn and Almut Hoffmann in a nail-biting final to take the top stand on the podium. In the third place were Frauke Nessler and Elena Bohn.

In the Men’s division, twins Daniel and Fabian Pfeifer became the champions after beating Damian Schreiber and Conrad Johannes. Third place was taken by Ishitile Aloisius and Jefta Nangombe.

The Fabupharm Swakop Master Beach Volleyball tournament was played during the first week of November as part of the ongoing Timeout Beach Series. For this event, around 100 players representing 34 teams, competed in four categories, viz Men’s and Ladies 2-a-side, Mixed 4-a-side, and a separate social category.

In the Ladies 2-a-side category consisting of seven teams, Carmen Kühn and Almut Hoffmann won all six pool games and qualified as favourite in the final. Rosi Hennes and Simone von Wietersheim won five out of six pool games and also advanced to the semi finals. In the last two places were Frauke Nessler and Elena Bohn, and Wendy Nailonga and Anna Henghono after they won three of their pool matches.

The Men’s 2-a-side category saw nine teams, divided into two groups playing pool matches to determine the semi-finals.

Official Results:

Ladies 2-a-side: 1st Rosi Hennes & Simone von Wietersheim, 2nd Carmen Kühn & Almut Hoffmann, 3rd Frauke Nessler & Elena Bohn.

Men’s 2-a-side: 1st Daniel & Fabian Pfeifer, 2nd Damian Schreiber & Conrad Johannes, 3rd Ishitile Aloisius V & Jefta Nangombe.

Social 2-a-side: 1st Lena & Peter Brinkmann, 2nd Kathy Thomas & Tobias Mwatelulo, 3rd Twewadha van Uuyuni (Abby) & Brave.

Mixed 4-a-side: 1st The Smash, 2nd Cheetahs, 3rd Mission Unblockable

Following the Fabupharm Swakop Masters, the individual positions on the log are:

1st Daniel Pfeifer – 1080 points, 2nd Fabian Pfeifer – 1056 points, 3rd Heiko Prior – 768 points.

1st Rosi Hennes – 1152 points, 2nd Simone von Weitersheim – 1020 points, 3rd Carmen Curschmann – 804 points.

1st Ricco Seebach – 660 points, 2nd (joint) Emma Engel & Nino Leicher – 636 points.

The 2017 final Timeout Beach Series event is the Bank Windhoek Beach Bash Volleyball tournament on 22 December at Langstrand.



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