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MTC takes strides in affordable housing provision for Okakarara

MTC takes strides in affordable housing provision for Okakarara

MTC, in collaboration with the Development Workshop Namibia, is set to bring affordable housing within reach for low-income earners in Okakarara.

The telecommunications company announced the groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday, marking a significant step towards addressing the nationwide challenge of accessible residential housing amid rapid urbanization.

The project in Okakarara encompasses two extensions currently underway: Okakarara Extension 7, comprising 294 plots complete with water, sewer, and electricity for N$ 59,636 each, and Hamakari Extension 2, featuring 413 plots at N$ 14,602 per plot with water. This totals 707 plots tailored to accommodate the needs of low-income earners in Otjozondjupa town.

Development Workshop reports a current roster of 434 registered clients for the project, with 58 having already completed payment for their plots and received their allocations.

MTC’s Chief Human Capital, Corporate Affairs, and Marketing Officer, John Ekandjo, commended the Development Workshop for its efforts in making housing more attainable for Namibians. He also extended an invitation to banking institutions to explore tailored financial packages for low-income earners, enabling them to construct their homes on these plots.

Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni, applauded the town council for joining forces with Development Workshop in addressing the housing crisis in Okakarara. He emphasized the soaring demand for housing across the nation.

“Housing transcends being just a roof over our heads. It forms the foundation of our stability and security, the nucleus of our social and emotional lives, and a sanctuary for peaceful, dignified living. Housing is a fundamental human right, not a commodity. Unfortunately, many live without this right, residing in poverty, slums, informal settlements, or on the streets, facing constant threats to their dignity and potential as human beings,” said Uutoni, emphasizing the urgency for change.

Development Workshop’s Acting Country Manager, Ester Veiko, echoed similar sentiments, explaining, “The goal of the program is to aid local authorities in planning and servicing land at costs feasible for low-income earners. This initiative caters to urban residents who find houses priced at N$300,000 and above beyond their means. With this project, people can acquire a plot with a title deed, ranging from N$10,000 to N$40,000.”

Upon completion of land servicing in the coming months, residents will begin constructing their homes. It is anticipated that in a few years, this area will transform into a vibrant residential neighborhood, where families will reside in sturdy brick homes, nurturing their communities and futures.


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