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Desert lion admirer’s life honoured by Beau’s Pride in Nedbank Desert Dash

Desert lion admirer’s life honoured by Beau’s Pride in Nedbank Desert Dash

Young cancer victim, Beau van der Westhuizen who died in November last year, is now commemorated in the dedication of a four-(wo)man team who have chosen to enter this year’s Nedbank Desert Dash under Beau’s name.

From a young age, Beau was captivated by the desert lions. He was drawn to their resilience, their beauty, and their unyielding spirit in the face of adversity. For Beau, the desert lions were not just majestic animals; they were symbols of strength, endurance, and the undying connection between humans and the natural world.

In honour of Beau’s deep love for the rare desert lions, a group of four dedicated cyclists who call themselves “Beau’s Pride”: Johan Liebenberg, Dewald Nel, Fanie Britz and Bibi Cornelissen – the only female of the group and close friend of Beau – will embark on a courageous and heartfelt mission to participate in the gruelling annual Nedbank Desert Dash cycling competition, starting Friday, 8 December 2023 from the Grove Mall in Windhoek.

This, however, won’t just be any race; this is a race with a purpose, a race with a cause that transcends the finish line.

As they’ll pedal through the unforgiving terrain of the Namib desert, each stroke of the pedal will be a testament to Beau’s legacy. The arduous journey stretching 397km won’t just be about conquering miles; it is about conquering the challenges that the desert lions face every day – habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict, and the constant struggle for survival.

As Beau’s Pride will race against the elements, they’ll do so with Beau’s spirit riding alongside them. They will ride not only for his memory but for a future where the desert lions continue to roam freely, where their roars echo through the dunes, and where the world’s oldest desert remains a sanctuary for all life it cradles.


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